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Rationale and Benefits of SPAW Ratification

The specific objectives of the SPAW Protocol are “to protect, preserve and manage in a sustainable way” within the WCR: 1) areas and ecosystems that require protection in order to safeguard their special value; 2) threatened or endangered species of flora and fauna and their habitats; and 3) species of flora and fauna, with the aim of preventing them from becoming endangered or threatened. The SPAW Protocol therefore supports its Contracting Parties in their efforts to ensure the attainment of international and regional commitments on biodiversity conservation.

By joining the SPAW Protocol, countries receive support for initiatives relating to protected area designation and management, buffer zone establishment, coral reef monitoring, endangered species protection, environmental impact assessments, public awareness and education, community participation, sustainable tourism, planned coastal development, and emerging issues. The SPAW Protocol ratification also provides opportunities for training, participation in capacity-building workshops, technical assistance, and research and networking throughout the region.

Overall, ratifying the SPAW Protocol will assist in meeting national biodiversity conservation and sustainable development objectives.

Fish next to coral reef